Friday, 21 January 2011

New stock

After a good few days of round the clock battling with my printer (printers are something I never seem to have much luck with, no matter which printer, which media or what I'm printing!) I've got together a whole bunch of new stock for taking with me to Sloans Market.

I decided to go ahead with a new style of packaging - backing cards on everything and cellophane bags, and for those of you who had previously seen the keyrings &magnets etc, I hope you'll agree that this was a good move!

Another change is that now I have greetings cards with an actual greeting on them! I still have cards with no wording on them, but I've now introduced ones with 'Happy Birthday!' on them too, as well as some new cameo-esque designs which I'm really happy with. The cards come in various colours, including some fancy lustre finishes and are priced at just £1.

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