Thursday, 26 April 2012

Taking care of business

How long has it been since I last blogged?! Long enough for the tiny little dog in the last post to have grown to the size of a medium hippopotamus!

Amongst other things I've been working on, I finally got round to building the website that I've been talking about for ages. And with a new website, comes new business cards! What do you think of portrait business cards instead of the usual landscape? The card design is still a work in progress until I finalise my new domain name, but hopefully that will all happen soon.

I also got back into markets after a long break with a few other Digital Art students at The Lighthouse Easter market in Glasgow! Speaking of The Lighthouse, we're also holding a group exhibition there next month. I'll put up some details a little bit closer to the time, maybe with a sneak preview of my animation which is about a fox who eats sausages, but can't decide what to wear! It seemed like a good idea for an animation at the time...

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